Choose the Right Demolition Contractor

Be it residential or industrial, demolitions are often required for rebuilding or reconstruction of a building or structure. Every demolition needs to be well planned and executed by experienced Demolition Contractors. There are strict safety rules and health guidelines that need to be followed while bringing down a structure, which can only be done through proper planning. This is why it is essential to keep in mind certain guidelines that need to be followed while picking the right demolition contractor for your demolition job. There are different types of works that the demolition contractors do. They send professionals to your domestic or commercial site for reconstruction, and also for demolishing an old building. Here are some tips to follow while you choose demolition contractors.

1. Technical Know-How & Experience

2. Service Estimate

3. Ask for Timeline

4. Proof of Insurance and License

5. Survey of your location

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License and Insurance

Service Areas:

Los Angeles, CA                  Woodland Hills, CA

Sherman Oaks, CA              Calabasas, CA

Glendale, CA                       Agoura Hills, CA

Pasadena, CA                      Long Beach, CA 

Santa Monica, CA                Anaheim, CA  

Beverly Hills, CA                  Santa Ana, CA 

Burbank, CA                         Irvine, CA 

Hollywood, CA                     Riverside, CA 

Van Nuys, CA                       San Bernardino, CA 

Northridge, CA                    Huntington Beach, CA 

Reseda, CA                          Pasadena, CA 

Simi Valley, CA 

Altadena, CA 

Newbury Park, CA

And Surrounding Areas . 

Contractor's License Detail for License #1045559

Issue Date04/07/2017

Expire Date04/30/2021


Contractor's Bond :

This license filed a Contractor's Bond with AMERICAN CONTRACTORS INDEMNITY COMPANY.


Bond Number:

Effective Date: 03/13/2017